Our Work

The Charity currently funds the housing, care, education and medical care of some 400 children through local registered charities in Mumbai (Bombay) and in Kerala in Southern India. Projects either wholly or partly supported by the Charity includes:

The Sunrise Children's Home and the City Mission in Mumbai, which together provide for the housing and education for some 150 orphaned and abandoned girls and boys aged between 2 and 16.

The Agape Children's Home in Kerala, which provides a home, and education for orphaned and abandoned children.

The Muslim Children's Home in Mumbai, which provides housing, health care and education for children of the Muslim faith.

A project in Mumbai, run by a local priest, Father Placie, which provides vocational training for young girls in sewing and needlework, who would otherwise be forced to beg on the streets.

A project set up in a leprosy and AIDS clinic in Mumbai, to provide education, clothing and support for the children of parents suffering from these diseases.

The Trustees make regular visits to India to ensure that the funds provided by the Charity are spent wisely, and are properly applied to the needs of the children, most of whom have been abandoned by their parents or guardians and would otherwise be forced to live on the streets.

“Children of whatever caste, creed, religion or race will be embraced and encouraged to maintain their own religion and cultural background.”

None of the trustees reclaim any expenses that they incur in administering the Charity, or, in overseeing the operation in India. They pay for their own administration costs, air travel and hotel expenses etc., so that every penny collected in donations is used in full for the benefit of the children.

If you feel that you would like to make a contribution, no matter how small, it will be very graciously received and very faithfully applied for the betterment of these children's lives.